Role of Partners


Professional Associations:  Collaborate to equip and mobilize members to volunteer technical support, training and quality improvement strategies to enhance clinical practices in health facilities.

Private Sector:  Co-develop and make available innovative educational materials and highly affordable diagnostic or therapeutic technologies; contribute communications expertise, facilitate access to social media outlets; contribute financial​ support.

NGO Sector:  Provide global-level technical leadership and advocacy; conduct trend analyses; catalyze and bring to scale processes and innovations to achieve maximum global health impact.

US Government:  Provide global-level technical leadership and advocacy; support the development and implementation of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) program activities; provide global MNCH program sites for Global Health Scholars program; coordinate with governments and UN Agencies; provide scientific guidance and leadership to governments and academic institutions; contribute financial support.

National Host-Country Governments:  Lead the rollout of high-quality and high-impact MNCH programs; institutionalize interventions within national health systems for increased sustainability and impact.

  • Founding Partners
  • Other GDA Partners
  • USAID Implementing Project Partners