Quality Improvement Overview​

Even when you have knowledge and skills, your care may not be the best it can be

With maternal and newborn health care services improving in many settings over the past two decades, health facilities are shifting attention towards improving quality of care in order to save the maximum number of maternal and newborn lives.

Quality Improvement Resources​

Improving Care of Mothers and Babies: A guide for improvement teams materials now available.
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Developed through the collaborative efforts of the Survive & Thrive Global Development Alliance, Improving Care of Mothers and Babies materials are designed for healthcare providers in limited-resource settings who want to learn and apply special methods to improve the care of mothers and babies. It includes information and tools to facilitate implementation of quality improvement (QI) activities at the facility level.

Materials can be downloaded at no cost on the AAP's International Resources Website. The materials are currently available in English, and French; Spanish translations are underway. 


Improving Health Care eLearning Course


Photo via: USAID ASSIST Project

The USAID ASSIST Project offers a free online interactive virtual course that provides a broad overview of the science of improvement, including key principles and methods necessary to understand how improvement projects can be implemented in any setting to make healthcare better.


Additional Resources